Social Dates



Longing to meet Ava but prefer a slower introduction?

A social date is the perfect way to get to know her initially without the pressure.

Also a wonderful option for those who require the company of a stunning woman with a sparkling personality for a special occasion or social event.

The Girl Next Door



Dive deep into most sensual girlfriend experience ever.

Explore the miracle of Ava with a tinge of sweet vanilla.

Softness and intimacy has never felt so extraordinarily sensual… every moment with Ava will become a treasured memory.

A Pandora’s box of sheer delight that you cannot wait to open again and again…and again.

The Temptress



In a word, electrifying.

Allow your senses to be swept up in Ava’s natural state of pure, uninhibited passion.

Forget the world and experience her delicious wildness.

Open yourself to an intense and unforgettable vortex of pleasure.

You must experience Ava’s PSE for yourself to believe such a woman exists.

Beware. Ava addiction is unavoidable.

Aphrodite’s Playground

Ultra PSE


For those explorers seeking pure, unadulterated lust.

You are hungry for carnal adventure.

You have been searching for a woman who can satiate your deepest hungers.

Ava is the one to meet your desires.

Fetish, kink and role play, facilitated by an insatiable goddess.

Limited only by your imagination. Completely and utterly unforgettable.

Ambrosial Delights

Lunch & Dinner Dates


What pleasures go together better than seductive company, delicious food and indulgent escapades?

Ava’s delightful company is offered in the form of long lunch or dinner for a natural and intimate date.

Get to know each other both in and out of the sheets for a beautiful, connected experience.

Both 4 and 6 hour packages are available. Match with your taste in sexual liaison.

All Day Experience



A decadent day with Ava by your side for 12 hours!

Spend the entire day getting up to no good, or ticking something off that bucket list.

Have breakfast in a hot air balloon, jump out of a plane, swim with sharks, all with the most exquisite company by your side.

Perhaps you’re only in town for one day and need the perfect tour guide? Ava has you covered, let the fun begin!

This package must include at least 4 hours of purely social time. Curfew is midnight and sleepovers are not inclusive.




Imagine waking up with an unbelievable beauty nestled against you, memories of the previous night’s passions fresh in your mind.

Imagine being able to breathe her in one more time before making your way into the world again, your feet barely touching the ground with the sheer delight of it.

Happiness is a night with Ava.

Treat yourself to the most wonderful gift.

You will never forget it.

Ava Arlo

Escape with Ava

Weekends Away


You work hard. You deserve the holiday of your dreams, with the woman to match!

Or, are you travelling for business and long for a beautiful sweetheart to return to after a long day?

Ava provides extended engagements, personalised exclusively for you.

This glorious, fun-loving companion could be by your side to help create your most joyous memories yet!

Fly Me To You

What Makes Them So Special…

Tired of long days, airports, business meetings that go on far too long?
Never ending deadlines, stressful days followed by boring business dinners and lonely nights..

Picture this.. You walk through the door to your suite where your very own “Personal Assistant” is eagerly awaiting to devour you.. She is wearing an outfit made for a temptress, her thigh high stockings are clipped to her suspenders and her heels are so sexy they could make you cry. She sways over to you, pulls you into her embrace from the nape of your neck. She smells devine.. For a moment time is irrelevant. Because when you’re with her nothing else matters…

Unwind with Ava – your private playmate, your very own secret pleasure your “Personal Assistant”.
It delights Ava to take absolute pride in delivering this kind of “personal” experience tailored for a king.

Dinner will be cooked or ordered, paired with the perfect wine so you don’t have to fuss.
Let your playmate take care of you and pamper you like you deserve!
A hot bath or shower for two is calling. A sensual time awaits… Your wish is Ava’s command.

When life gets busy, let Ava help you outside of the bedroom. While your days consist of meetings Ava will happily make herself busy doing the things you simply don’t have time to do.
With a knowledge of travel and fashion Ava will be your personal shopper/stylist – buying those last minute gifts, grabbing that tie you forgot to pack or simply picking up your dry cleaning.

On the off chance you find yourself with some down time Ava will take honour in planning something fun to do, sight seeing, a culinary experience that will blow your mind, a few hours at a day spa or simply curling up in bed watching a movie and ordering room service..

Business trips have never looked better.. Come kick your feet up and let Ava take your mind places it’s never been before…

Additional info:
Ava’s passport is always valid and ready to fly to any destination with you!
Ava’s “Fly Me to You Dates” aren’t specifically just for the busy business gent. Ava also adores planning adventures that are just solely for the purpose of enjoying a quick break away from the busy world. Cities within Australia that Ava doesn’t tour often that are ideal for Fly Me to You Dates.
or anywhere regional

Fly Me To You

My Favourite Cities

Hong Kong
New York

Tropical Paradise

San Sebastián